Residential High Definition Video Inspection

The first thing that our plumber will do when arriving on-site is to assess the problem. One of the most efficient ways to do this is a camera line inspection. A camera line inspection has become one of the most popular ways for plumbers to quickly and accurately determine the source of the problem in your pipes.

Residential High Definition Video InspectionBasically, your plumber will feed a flexible, fiber optic cable through your pipe with a small, high-resolution waterproof camera attached on the end of it. It will have plenty of lights so the expert plumber can easily see what the root of the problem might be. During the entire journey of the cable through your pipes, it transmits the live video feed to the camera operator (who can also save the video findings on a permanent record).

Residential High Definition Video InspectionHere are a few of the things your Command Plumbing plumber will be on the lookout for as he or she performs a camera line inspection on your home:

Whether a pipe is broken, collapsed or cracked, any major damage to your piping can be the cause of your latest plumbing problem. Maybe a shift in the ground that surrounds the pipe has offset the drain lines or the weight of the soil on top of a pipe has caused it to collapse. If the seals between the pipes have broken for some reason or have sprung a leak, there’s a good chance what you’re dealing with is the end result of such a problem. 

Natural wear and tear is bound to happen the older your plumbing system becomes. The materials may be antiquated and subject to corrosion or deterioration. The longer you have the same pipes running the plumbing of your home, the more likely this is to happen. A camera line inspection from a Command Plumbing plumber is a great resource for determining when it’s time to install new parts.

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