Main Water Valve Repair & Replacement

The main water shut off valve is one of the most important valves in your home. The water shut off valve acts as a control for your entire plumbing system, allowing you to shut off the water supply in cases of emergency such as a burst pipe or as a preventative measure if you’re planning a trip out of town.

It’s important to keep your main water shut off valve in excellent working condition by paying attention to any indication that it may need replacing.

Knowing what kind of valve you have (and your typical maintenance schedule) can provide guidance as you investigate whether your main water shut off valve should be replaced.


Ball valves control the water source using a sphere that has a hole through it, which can be turned to stop or start the flow of water.


Gate valves use an internal gate system to control the flow of water and can freeze in place if not periodically opened and closed.

If you’ve noticed the signs that your main water shut off valve needs to be replaced, it’s important that you seek help from a professional plumber promptly before the problem gets worse and more damage is caused.

Command Plumbing has performed many main water shut off valve replacements, ensuring that we can carry out the job for you quickly and skillfully.

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